Mould Inspection Process

Step 1

We chat with you on the phone or by email and schedule an appointment - we’re able to work around your home’s or businesses schedule. We’ll ask you a few questions about what the property looks like and what issues you suspect, and from there we’ll be able to give you a quote and estimate on when your report will be finished.

Step 2

As scheduled, we visit the property. Due to the nature of mould growth, every mould inspection also includes an in-depth property moisture assessment. This will allow us to best advise on whether your property has signs of mould, water leaks, damage to the roof, moisture wicking through the ground below, or something else. Our inspection will usually involve taking photos of the property and thermal images of areas of interest, as well as non-invasive moisture readings of surfaces and the air in the property. The inspection will also include sampling to help the consultant discover and understand the nature and extent of any hidden mould, as well as to piece together whether there are multiple colonies growing in the same space, or just one.

Step 3

We’ll deliver the samples from your property to our in-house lab within 24 hours, who will analyse them and return a technical report to us within 72 hours of your inspection. From here, our consultant will stitch together the notes and observations they have made onsite, the photos taken, the extent of mould growths demonstrated by the lab, and the different colonies (and what conditions and material foods they favour). Together with the moisture readings, this data will help the consultant produce an in-depth analysis and report on your property, the possible effects to health and wellbeing of occupants, what can be done to remediate the property (where necessary), and what qualifications you should be looking for when selecting a remediation company for your property. On request, they will also provide you with a detailed scope of works for remediation.

Step 4

Once payment of the final invoice is confirmed, we’ll send you the report! If you have any questions at all, you can contact our office and we can discuss the report on the phone with you. For a full walkthrough of your report, or if you’d like to ask your consultant in-depth questions about methodology, laboratory analysis, choosing an appropriate remediator, or anything else, you may want a zoom consultation (LINK HERE) with the consultant. However, your report is designed to be clear to the average homeowner or tenant, and to give detailed, specific information to help remediation companies understand the problem and the solution to that problem.

Step 5

This step is recommended in cases with large mould contamination or where complex remediation is required. After the remediator is finished with remediation, we are able to come back to the property and assess whether they have completed the remediation satisfactorily, as well as issue a report detailing any issues found. Post-remediation verification allows you peace-of-mind, knowing that any remediation works are going to be completed correctly and are going to return the property to a pre-damage condition.