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Building Biology

What is Building Biology?

Building biology is a study that originated over 45 years ago from Germany. Professor Anton Schneider was the first to address the problem of the correlation between certain illnesses and the living inside constructed buildings from post war German home. Today principles of building biology is a leading holistic home environment principle used to this day. It is a leading approach used for anyone who would like to improve their quality of life within the buildings they reside in.

Building Biology Foundations

The goal of our building biology site inspections is to find a living environment that is in harmony with yourself, other individuals and pets in the household. We realize each client has a specific need.

We follow the Holistic Building Biology Survey Protocol

Source: Building Biology Institute 

Building Biology Services which we Offer

  • Mould Testing - We find the source of mould growth. Sources of potential moisture. We can show you how to manage and prevent mould.
  • Indoor Air Quality - Gases, plastics, VOCs and chemicals with paints, building materials
  • EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Testing - Magnetic fields from high voltage lines, substations, appliances etc. can affect the health of building occupants (as researched by the World Health Organization)
  • Allergen Audit - Advise regarding pollen, pets, dust mites etc
  • Pre House Inspection Audit - Identifying potential problems before purchasing a house.
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