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Post - Remediation
Verification Inspection

The samples which we may collect will let you know how far the mould issue has progressed in the property so you know which areas are contaminated and need remediation. We can also advise on any mould containment needed in the remediation process.

Post Remediation Verification

The IECL team can provide you with an independent inspection and report of your property following mould remediation works. IECL consultants are experienced in undertaking assessments of moisture levels and a visual inspection of the area to ensure the remedial work has been completed to an acceptable standard.

What is a Post Remediation Verification?

Post remediation verification (PRV) assesses the effectiveness of remediation works and validates that the area has been cleared and is safe to use again.

When should you have a PRV? 

Water damage and mould contamination to a property, if not attended to appropriately, can have significant impacts on the structural integrity and the health of its occupants. Remediation works should be carried out to ensure the damage or contamination is mitigated and risk to the occupants is minimised.

If water, moisture or mould is not appropriately removed and the original cause fixed, then mould contamination can continue to be an issue in the future. This could mean that further remediation works will be required. For this reason PRV assessment should be carried out by an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP), like IECL, as soon as the remediation works have been completed.


IECL provides in-house mould testing of air and surface samples. Our in-house laboratory and experienced staff means we can offer quicker turn-around on our mould testing results and reports. Our laboratory reports provide detailed important information such as mould identification and spore counts.

Our IECL consultants can provide you with an independent PRV with a report. Collection of mould samples from the air and surfaces in the premises help determine if the premises have been returned to safe use.

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