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Pre Purchase Mould Inspection

If you are purchasing your home and want to ensure it is safe for you to live in, please call us to arrange an inspection. If you suffer symptoms relating to mould exposure it can be beneficial to assess the risk of exposure before purchasing a property.

The pre purchase property inspection may include the following:

  • Inspection for history of water intrusion
  • Moisture inspection. Moisture meter readings, thermal imaging to trace leaks
  • Investigation of any coverups (painting over mould)
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Electromagnetic field testing
  • Mould Sample testing inside and outside of the property

Mould can grow in areas that have moisture ingress issues. This is where we need to look carefully in the property to find any leaks. In addition the mould can spread through the release of spores, we usually would need to take a sample of the air on an air cassette to have analysed to find the fungal load of spores in the air.

Mould growth is not usually easy to spot. It may not actually be visible, or it is likely it has been cleaned from the surface however the mould can still present within the building material substraight. Our report will give you a good understanding of the risks of mould growth occurring in the home.

What can you do to Prevent Mould Growth?

Controlling and managing your ventilation and water ingress issues can contribute to a healthy environment. Ensure you are opening windows, using extraction fans and ensuring there are no water ingress issues. You will need to inspect gutters for loose debris and ensure there are no plumbing leaks in the property.

What happens if there is Mould Growth in the Home?

Take action as soon as possible. It can get worse if there is no action. Steps for mould removal can be referenced from the Australian Mould Guideline. These include:

  • Hepa vacuum of material surfaces
  • Use Vinegar diluted in water solution (20 % water, 80% vinegar)
  • Use caution with porous materials. Sometimes these cannot be recovered (plasterboard where the mould has infused)
  • Clothes, Laundry and carpet cleaning with no harsh chemicals.
  • Problem areas must be dried property

If you are concerned about potential mould growth when purchasing your home please contact us for a pre-purchase mould inspection.

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