General Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

If you purchase a DIY Kit and later wish to return it as a refund, we’re more than happy to accept the return.

If you’ve paid in advance for sample analysis but haven’t had those samples analysed, we’ll return the cost of the sample analysis, as well as 80% of the cost of the DIY Mould Test Kit Hire, less any credit card fees and the return shipping cost ($16.50).

If you’ve used the air or surface samples, those are charged at cost, $1.20 per Bio-Tape and $8.80 per Air-O-Cell opened or used.

If anything in the Kit is lost or damaged, we’ll charge you for those as well. Those costs are listed below:

If you’ve held onto the kit longer than you’re supposed to, we may charge you interest on the cost of the kit, which is capped at the total cost of the Kit.

The refund process may take a week or two, but we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

If we’re already sent you the laboratory report, but you’d like a refund, we can only provide refunds that are covered under applicable consumer protection laws - if, for example, the product is misrepresented, not fit-for-purpose, etc.

The General Terms and Conditions are also listed below, if you’d like the *legalese* version.

General Terms and Conditions

Sometimes we will conduct mould testing in the property. This is where we take a sample of the mould in the property and send it to the lab for analysis. The cost of this test is additional to the base inspection cost. We will only suggest mould testing if we think it is important for you.

Examples of when you need mould testing are:

  1. Delivery of samples or requesting or purchasing of sample analysis services is considered formal agreement to these Terms and Conditions by you (the Client).
  2. All prices listed are in AUD.
  3. The start time of turnaround times are to be calculated from the time that the laboratory signs for sample receipt, not at the moment of delivery. The finish time for turnaround times is to be calculated from the time that IECL International Pty Ltd (IECL) first attempts to send the analysis to the Client, and IECL takes no responsibility delays due to incorrectly-provided, illegible, or poorly-communicated email addresses.
  4. IECL reserves the right at its sole discretion to deny acceptance of samples or services ordered if samples do not meet minimum quality standards, appear to have been tampered with, or for any other reason.
  5. IECL reserves the right to change pricing at any time for any reason, but will endeavour to provide 30 days’ notice. Samples received by the lab will charged at the applicable rate at time of sample receipt. For clarity, clients who have pre-purchased analysis will not be charged above that rate for said analysis.
  6. IECL reserves the right to require payment in advance for any services rendered.
  7. IECL also reserves the right to withhold results from laboratory analysis until proof of payment is provided for all services rendered and/or items used, damaged, or lost.
  8. Clients may request a refund for DIY Test Kits before they are returned to IECL. IECL reserves the right to reject requests if the DIY Test Kits are damaged, missing items owned by IECL, or for any other reasonable reason. Refunds to Kits for reasons other than those allowed by law will be calculated less shipping costs ($16.50), the restocking fee (20% of the Kit price), and any credit card fees. For clarity, lab analysis fees paid will be returned in full, less any credit card fees.
  9. Purchase of “DIY Mould Testing Kits” (DIY Test Kits) includes ownership of any samples for which analysis has been paid, as well as ownership of any gloves or assorted PPE in the shipment, as well as all paperwork in the shipment. IECL reserves complete ownership of the following, and considers these rentals: DIY Pump and pump cable, the shipping box, and any other goods. IECL also reserves the right to charge the Client for spare samplers (at the rate listed in 6.d.). Any damage to items owned by IECL while in shipping, transit, or in Client possession may be charged to the Client, at the following rates (including GST):
    a.   Pump: $77
    b.   Pump cable: $11
    c.   Shipping Box: $5.50
    d.   Spare Samplers: $8.80 per Air-O-Cell or $1.20 per Bio-Tape
    e.   Other cost of repair or replacement

  10. Payment is considered overdue when listed as such on the tax invoice. IECL reserves the right to charge interest on overdue unpaid invoices. Clients may request a copy of the tax invoice by emailing, but payment is considered overdue when listed on the tax invoice, whether or not the Client has been given or has requested a copy.
  11. IECL does not take responsibility for non-disclosure by the Client of license or certification requirements. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to determine the level of licensure required and for selection of sampling devises and sampling conditions.
  12. In no event shall IECL be liable for indirect, special consequential, or incidental damages nor be responsible for any loss of profits, or damages, direct, incidental, or circumstantial, occasioned by the services provided by IECL or the delivery, use of, or interpretation of test results provided by IECL. All claims shall be automatically waived unless suit has been filed within one (1) year of acceptance of samples by IECL.
  13. IECL reserves the right to subcontract services to an outside vendor in the event that IECL is unable to perform the work as ordered.
  14. IECL will dispose of samples within fourteen (14) days of analysis, unless otherwise agreed to by the Client and IECL. Delivery of samples to any IECL offices, staff, or laboratories, is considered to be complete and unconditional transferral of ownership of samples to IECL.
  15. IECL will provide a digital copy of the analysis results to the Client unless a different delivery method is agreed to by both parties prior to delivery of the samples. The email listed on the Chain of Custody is considered to be the “contact email” for the client, and IECL reserves the right to send the results via other means if the email provided is considered illegible, difficult-to-read, or otherwise troublesome.
  16. IECL reserves the right to accept or reject requests to amend reports, sample numbers, interpretation, comments, or discussion at IECL’s sole discretion. Each case will be decided as per IECL’s internal polices and procedures, or, in cases where policies or procedures do not provide definitive guidance, at the sole discretion of the Lab Director.
  17. Surcharges may apply for special handling and disposal of hazardous, large, bulky, or otherwise burdensome samples.