IECL prides itself on providing the highest quality inspections at a consumer price

Our Competitive Pricing Model

Residential mould inspections in Australia will typically cost between $300 to $3000, while commercial inspections typically start at $1000 and grow rapidly from there. Our residential inspections typically cost between $1300 and $1800, depending on the consultant and the size of the property.
Any inspection that costs less than that may come under suspicion, because of two factors: 

  1. A large number of unqualified or underqualified inspectors work in the market, because there is no federal regulation of the term “mould inspector”, nor clear regulation of “indoor environmental professional”. The only term regulated is “occupational hygienist”, but occupational hygienists typically don’t focus on mould or remediation, and may not be practically experienced enough for complex or large mould inspections.
  2. A number of remediators will conduct discounted inspections to get a foot in the door for the remediation works.

Our mould inspections are all conducted by qualified consultants with experience in mould growth, sampling techniques, remediation practices, and building practices. Each consultant on our team comes from a different background, which enables us to select the consultant most qualified for your property inspection. On staff, we have a civil engineer, a remediation specialist, a building biologist, and a PhD microbiologist.

IECL are not a remediation company and will not conduct remediation works. However, we are sister companies with a remediation company (NLR Restoration), and recommend any company that adheres to the IICRC S520 Guidelines. Moreover, our reports are designed to be clear to homeowners, tenants, and every remediator, so an IECL report should be enough information for a remediator to give you a quote.

Mould Sample Analysis

Sometimes we will conduct mould testing in the property. This is where we take a sample of the mould in the property and send it to the lab for analysis. The cost of this test is additional to the base inspection cost. We will only suggest mould testing if we think it is important for you.

Examples of when you need mould testing are:

  • We want to see if the mould has spread to the HVAC system.
  • To determine if certain areas of the property actually need remediation or if they are normal mould ecology.
  • We may want to compare the mould present outdoors to the indoor environment to see if mould growth is as a result of outdoor factors.









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